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Ensuring Total Flea Eradication

The infestation of fleas, ticks and other parasitic host is a bother for most pet owners. They have been known to lead to some health concerns and problems for people’s dogs. These hosts, especially fleas, are tough to get rid of. Immediately after they have infested your dog, they proceed to lay a lot of new eggs on a daily basis. Choosing the right flea medicine and prevention methods can see to it that these parasites are done away with for good.

To eradicate their infestation, it is good to understand how these parasites thrive. Their life has four stages. They start off by identifying a host, which for your is your pet, and feed on its blood, making it possible for them to lay eggs. After laying their eggs, these will fall off the dog and hatch whenever they happen to land. Most common locations include your carpet, the dog’s bedding, your couch, clothes; generally, wherever your dog normally relaxes. They will hatch into larvae, then later transform into pupae and finally into adult fleas. They will then infest your dog and take its blood. Using the correct flea medicine will stop their life cycle, which will ensure no more eggs are laid in your home.

The various flea medicines available approach this flea life cycle from different angles. There are those who destroy the egg larvae or adult fleas, while others will disrupt their entire life cycle. Each medication has its unique way of administering too. There are those that are for oral administering, while others are in liquid form, to be applied topically. You have the task of selecting which one of these works best for you. The right choice will prevent a trial and error situation. Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. It is the easier objective to accomplish as compared to curing.
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There are a few things to keep in mind when administering pet flea medication to ensure correct use. Some medicines kill them, while others stop the life cycle. Select the right one for your circumstances, or use both when in doubt.
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Aim to start prevention early to arrest their spread. An early start presents you with the best chance of completely eradicating these fleas. You can buy a flea collar which stops the eggs from hatching. The first instance of your dog scratching itself profusely should be your wake-up call to start dealing with the infestation, before it overtakes any arresting applications.
You have the option to give your pet a liquid form of the flea medicine if it has a problem taking oral forms. They can take it in their water.

Vacuum the places your pet relaxes in frequently, and discard the bag, or vacuum some flea powder into it immediately.

Seek your vet’s advice on the issue.
Follow the instruction on the medication administering procedure. You may render it useless by changing what the manufacturer says you do.

Fleas torment both you and your pet, and can lead to some serious health issues. Getting the right dog flea medication will give you peace of mind, and protect the health of your dog.