Cultivating A Healthy Lifestyle 101: How To Make Wellness Happen This Year

As many wellness experts and health coaches know, we are living in a profoundly unhealthy world. This reality becomes plain when one considers things like the rise of processed foods and the cultural acceptability of sedentary living. Unfortunately, these types of environmental influences have led many people to experience unwanted health outcomes like weight gain, lethargy, and mood instability. If these signs of poor health are an ongoing real thing in your life, it’s immensely important to implement lifestyle changes that will get you on track to making wellness happen this year. Below you’ll find three techniques that you can deploy to start cultivating a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Exercise Regularly.

One of the best ways to ensure that you get and remain on track to health is by exercising regularly. This technique is immensely important because there are multiple life-giving benefits that result from regularly engaging in physical activity. One of them is natural hormonal regulation. Some of the others include natural weight management, enhanced metabolism, and mood stability. Note that one big key to success with exercise is finding forms of physical activity that you’ll actually enjoy engaging in. This could be anything from pilates to yoga to cycling to jump rope. Also note that to get the most results from your exercise activity requires that three forms of physical activity are present. These include cardiovascular activity, weight-lifting, and stretching. An exercise routine that includes running, lifting weights, and pilates would satisfy these requirements.

  1. Ditch Dieting Forever.

If you’re serious about making wellness happen this year, make sure that you ditch dieting forever. This technique is imperative given that diets are immensely unhealthy for multiple reasons. First, most diets incorporate synthetic food products that are difficult for the body to digest and assimilate. Also note that many diets incorporate severe caloric restriction, meaning that they will not be sustainable in the long term because individuals will find them too difficult to maintain. This is one of the reasons that many people will go on a diet, experience some weight loss, and then quit the diet only to find that they gain all the weight back. Many people go through this process multiple times and subsequently experience substantive metabolic damage.

In recognizing the dangers and debilitating effects of dieting, it’s important to hop off the dieting bandwagon forever and develop healthy eating habits that you can adopt and maintain for the rest of your life. Note that there’s not necessarily an ideal approach to optimizing your diet, and this is why it’s important to do research and experiment with your diet to determine what will actually work. Many people have found that adopting a vegan diet was key to helping them meet health goals such as eating more fruits and vegetables or getting enough fiber. There are now millions and millions of free digital resources that individuals can reference when they need advice and instructions regarding how to adopt a vegan diet.

  1. Optimize Your Environment.

One final strategy you can deploy to enhance your level of health is optimizing your environment. Anything from placing a bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter to turning an unoccupied room into a home gym can increase your likelihood of regularly engaging in behaviors that are conducive to holistic health. If you have a lake or body of water near your property, you might also consider the value of investing in services from companies such as The Lake Doctors, Inc. This organization is pleased to offer clients customized, cutting edge aquatic management services for all types of equipment. This includes pond aerators and fountains.


People who are serious about leading healthy lives should know that there are many strategies they can implement to get on track to wellness. Three of them are outlined above. Start using these techniques immediately so you can begin to feel vibrant and alive all day long!