Frugal Decorating Ideas

Decorating your home to reflect your personality and design style doesn’t have to be a budget-breaking experience. If you’re having trouble defining your decorating style take time to explore ideas online and in decorating magazines. Make notes about what appeals to you then begin your decorating projects.

Be Prepared

There are some basic items you’ll need to complete almost any decorating project. You can avoid a lot of frustration if you have these tools on hand before you begin working. Most decorating projects require the use of a hammer, screw drivers and a drill. One of the most frugal ways to decorate a wall is to hang photos on it. A picture hanging level tool can make this task go smoothly and quickly. You can use vacation photos, pet photos or photos of friends and family to decorate a living room wall, bedroom wall or a stairway wall.

Liven Up a Room

Plants are an excellent way to enliven the atmosphere and appearance of a room. You can easily find budget-friendly houseplants at home and garden centers. You may have friends or family members that will share cuttings from their plants with you. You can let your creativity shine with you choice of containers and your method of displaying plants.


Paint can become a frugal decorator’s best friend. Flea markets, yard sales, estate sales and thrift stores are a great resource for inexpensive furniture. A little paint can revive a piece of used furniture so that it becomes an attractive part of your home décor. Painting one wall of a room can instantly change the atmosphere and appearance of a room. You can use paint to create unique wall art. There’s no set rule for creating artistic mosaics or abstracts so have some fun with this type of art project.

Frugal living and creative thinking go hand in hand. Decorating your home on a tight budget gives you an opportunity to showcase your creativity. Your home will be a reflection of your personality, not a copy of someone else’s design.