On Shops: My Experience Explained

How to Buy Cigars as a Neophyte With several choices and a unique vocabulary, you might not actually know where to start when purchasing cigars. But this quick guide can be rather useful for beginners. It won’t tell you everything you need to know, but it will hopefully make your first adventure into cigar buying a success. Purchase from a tobacconist. This is the first important step you have to take. With a tobacconist, you’ll have a huge selection of quality cigars to pick from. Additionally, you can rest assured that those cigars are well cared for. And you’ll even have the indispensable guidance of experts. The staff will usually be helpful.
Learning The Secrets About Shops
Choose good quality tobacco.
Figuring Out Sales
Usually, you can’t determine tobacco quality if you just looked at it. How do you know which brands are worth considering? It’s all about reputation. If some of your friends or relatives smoke cigars, you can ask them. Definitely, your tobacconist too. Generally speaking though, it’s safe to go with larger brands since they have all the resources needed to work with quality stuff. As you search for cigars using quality tobacco, avoid buying boxes and just stick to one cigar at a time for now. You could be left with a box of crummy cigars you won’t want to smoke. If you’re new with cigars, you still won’t know what you’re looking for so your preferences will likely change very quickly. That’s why it’s wise to only get a few at a time. Start mild. As a newcomer, you can find full-bodied smokes unpleasant or overwhelming, so start on the mild side. This will help ease you into cigar smoking and so you don’t get turned off at the very beginning. Don’t spend too much. As with anything else you buy, you get what you pay for when it comes to cigars. But you need not spend a fortune either, especially since you’re a newbie. A quality cigar can be bought for under $10, and you don’t really need anything too fancy at your level. Go with moderately priced cigars at first, and as soon as your palate develops, you can go ahead and treat yourself to that luxurious smoke. Though price isn’t that important when choosing a cigar, how the cigar was produced and the quality of the tobacco are crucial. The cigar’s construction dictates the smoothness and evenness of the draw when you smoke it. To test the construction of a cigar, roll it between your thumb and index finger. As you do this, look for lumps outside – there shouldn’t be any. You also want the cigar to have an even consistency and fill. Any roughness can make for a rough draw. Lastly, take note that a well constructed cigar’s ash maintains the cigar’s shape while you smoke it.