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Cranes come in different types and sizes and it is important to know every kind. It is important to note that cranes have been used for more than 2000 years now to lift weights despite the fact that they look modern. In the olden days, cranes were used to build medieval churches as well as monuments especially in Rome. Cranes have both simple and complicated means of use and we are going to look at them.

The first kind of crane is the mobile crane that has a telescopic booth mounted on a movable platform. A mobile crane has a hook at its end while levers and pilly raise the cranes boom. working in the city requires great flexibility, it is therefore good to use a mobile crane to do so as it has great convenience. When it comes to the wheels of a mobile crane, they may be designed for caterpillar or rail trucks.
The mobile crane can be used for demolition or earthmoving as the hook at the end of the crane can be changed to a ball or wrecking bucket, dependent on the crane hire job. The rough terrain cranes and mounted cranes are also mobile. The truck-mounted crane will have outriggers to keep the crane fully stable when in use. Moreover, those terrains that are designed for rough terrains are just like a four wheel drive.

there are other cranes that are hydraulic powered and are used to load goods on trailers as they have joints that can fold, they are generally called the loader cranes. Of importance to note is that telescopic cranes are similar to loader cranes as they are all fitted with telescopic booms for easier use.

You may find that you require floating cranes for crane hire if your project is involved within the shipping industry. They are situated in water and are usually used for the construction of ports, to salvage ships or to aid with building bridges. When offloading awkward containers or unloading ships floating cranes can also be used.

Tower cranes are commonly used for crane hire, yet these cranes do not have a moveable base. when constructing the crane, it has to happen base by base as they are very tall. the boom of this crane is perpendicular to the base of the crane in order to make it more stable. This kind of cranes are used for constructing sky scraper buildings or generally very tall buildings. When deciding on the design of the crane it is generally based on two major things.The considerations are the mass the crane can handle as well as its stability.

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