The Benefits of Video Baby Monitors

Baby monitors have been offering parents a convenient means of ensuring the safety of their infants for years. As with most tech-oriented products, today’s baby monitors are far more advanced than those of decades past. Read on to find out about why so many parents are taking advantage of one technologically-advanced baby monitor produced by Infant Optics.

Ensure Safety

Video monitors offer parents the means of actually viewing their infants to ensure that they are safe and secure even while they’re in other rooms performing necessary household chores or just trying to find a few minutes to relax. Conventional audio-only baby monitors simply couldn’t offer this level of security and protection. Parents can even check to make sure that their infants are sleeping comfortably and safely, regardless of whether or not they are making any sound.

Evaluate Sleep Patterns

It’s essential that parents keep track of their infants’ sleep patterns to make sure that they’re getting the right amount of sleep and that they’re doing it safely. The CDC recently offered up the information that nearly 900 infant deaths occur per year due to accidental suffocation in bed. The ability to monitor sleep patterns and ensure that infants are not tossing and turning too much even when they’re sleeping quietly allows parents to analyze and correct sleeping issues in order to ensure their infants’ safety.

Reduced Chance of Unwanted Access

Infant Optics video baby monitor doesn’t use WIFI to transmit information, which could allow hackers to gain access to these systems. Instead, it uses other frequencies to transmit video and audio from infants’ bedsides to concerned parents in other rooms. This makes it much safer than WIFI-reliant monitors, which are far more susceptible to intrusion by hackers.

Learn More Today

For more details about video baby monitors and how they can improve both child safety and parent sanity, head to the company’s website. Their monitors come with all kinds of helpful extras such as night vision mode, sound-activated LED lights, USB charging capabilities, and advanced security measures to counter eavesdropping. Knowing all of this, it should be clear why so many parents are choosing video baby monitors over their less effective audio-only equivalents.