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Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

One would need to learn more about metal recycling even as he or she delves into learning how to use water, energy and other resources well. One would need to learn more about materials he or she can either recycle or reuse with an intention of ensuring a clean environment. One would definitely learn more about the benefits of recycling and reusing to the environment as well as to individuals. It would also be modest for one to also learn more about the benefits of metal recycling industry to the society, the economy as well as to the environment.

To begin with, one would need to learn more about how scrap metal recycling tends to save energy. One would learn that extraction of metal from the ore tends to be energy intensive as compared to recycling of scrap metal. One would learn that recycling of iron tends to consume 75 percent less energy when compared to processing of the iron ore. The energy used in recycling of aluminum is far much less when compared to the energy used in extraction of the same. The energy saved while recycling can be utilized in other beneficial sectors.

One would also need to take time and learn more about how recycling of metals is directly linked to conservation of natural resources. One would need to make sure that he or she utilizes the already extracted metal bearing in mind that metal ore does not grow in any way. One would also need to make sure that he or she learns more about the specific amount of ore saved every time recycling takes place.

It would be as important to learn more about pollution reduction associated with recycling of metals. It would also be interesting for one to learn more about how greenhouse gas emissions during smelting can cause pollution to the environment. One would also need to know how recycling of metal rather than mining reduces noxious emissions that comes with burying and incinerating. One would also have more facts where he or she has taken time to learn more about the acid mine drainage and how it can be reduced by recycling of metals. Water that passes through areas with gold, copper, zinc, silver, and lead tend to be exposed to sulfates and hence make the water in question acidic water which damages aquatic ecosystem.

One would focus on learning more about how recycling contributes not only to the economy but also impact positively on the environment. One would need to know that a big percentage of people tend to be employed by the metal recycling sector in each and every country that takes recycling of metals seriously.

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