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What Men Must Know About Testosterone and Weight Loss

Testosterone in men is a hormone that is known to initiate sexual development, however, what most people do not know is that it has a major role to play in fat loss from the body. The reason am saying fat and not weight is that this hormone regulates fat levels which will result in a decline in weight. It just does not help men combat unwanted fat, but it helps them to keep good muscle tone. This article aims to shed some light on how testosterone comes in, in the control of weight.

The first thing that you should know about testosterone is that is sensitized insulin to break down carbohydrates to other important molecules the body needs; these include ATP, Pyruvate, and glycogen. By so doing, the carbohydrates consumed are not converted to fats that are stored in the fat tissue. Which means that if an individual has low testosterone, they will have less sensitive insulin which results in more fat being stored and at the end of the day they will have an abnormally high-fat mass. It is for this reason that those with low testosterone especially those who are obese are given testosterone as a means of combating the excess body fat.

It is important to know that a low-fat diet is probably the biggest enemy of testosterone. Testosterone’s major component is lipids seeing that it is a steroid hormone. You will need to supplement your diet with sufficient lipids to enable your body to have the right compounds to make the testosterone you need. Rather than removing fats from your diet, it is advisable to switch to healthy oils such as olive and argan oil.
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The loss of weight because of eating less than your body needs is responsible or low testosterone levels as well. By dieting you lose fats and muscle mass because there is no way you would only lose fat and maintain your muscle mass therefore; you ought to do resistance exercises that have been known to build muscle . These exercises restore the lost weight in a way that is healthy for you. There is no problem in having weight when it consists of muscle and not fat. If the balance of muscle is the one recommended for your age and height then you are on the right track.
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I know it may seem ironic that those who are obese have low levels of testosterone yet those who lose weight have low testosterone as well. It is good to note that loss of muscle as you lose weight contributes to the fall in testosterone levels and being obese is contributed to by the low levels of testosterone. It may be difficult to maintain stable testosterone levels where both extremes seem to result in low testosterone levels, you may opt for testosterone therapy to help you maintain your weight or lose it.