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Home Remedies: Vicks Vapor Rub Uses It’s time to learn how the vapor run can be more than just the common coughing remedy you are used to! But did you know that you can truly use it for several other home problems? Many problems that you face in your home have solutions right around you. The vapor product also has significant ingredients including menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus. The combination has strong smell that is not only curative but also acts as a repellent for bugs! If you have a chest problem, the first result that anyone will give you is to look for the menthol rub. People also use it to relieve coughs and nasal congestion. But did you know there are many other ideas of using this great herbal product? Now, there’s a way you could use the menthol product to relieve muscle pains and protect your furniture from destruction by pets. Here are some of the uses of Vicks vapor that you never knew. Stop that an earache!
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When your ear aches, you need to find a way to feel better as soon as possible. Yes- you need to see a doctor eventually, but there are things you can do to save the moment. If you use the menthol vapor the right way; the results will be great! All you need is a clean cotton ball. Use the ear stick to apply the vapor rub in the ear. Noteworthy, the vapor does not treat the disease, but; it will relieve your pain in a few minutes. Then, you can head to the clinic.
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Get back in shape! Did you know that the menthol vapor product can easily help you get rid of your tummy? For people who have unsuccessfully used expensive products to get rid of their tummy fat, this may not be a fascinating topic. But far away from the disappointments, you can get the most slender stomach that you have always dreamt about. You only need a tablespoon of an alcoholic drink, another of camphor and baking soda and about half a jar of the menthol rub. The next step is to beat the solution until you finally get a uniform mixture. Every day you want to go for a workout, you will need to rub it to your belly and abdomen area. After you are done jogging, you need to clean it with plenty of water (preferably hot). Notably, the menthol paste works the same way as the expensive slimming products you find in the stores. Anyway, you can use simple things to solve common home problems. Having the menthol product in your home is prudent. Other uses of this product include; removal of dead cells from your skin, chasing bugs from home and maintaining your beauty. Now, do you see just how many things the vapor can do? And, don’t you think you need to order it right away?